This “Bandit Edition” Trans Am is Ridiculously Cool

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Of all the amazing new cars at the New York Auto Show, it’s a reboot of a legend that really has people excited.

Trans Am Depot showed off a limited edition run of 77 Burt Reynolds autographed modern interpretations of the unforgettable black and gold Firebird Trans Am from Smoky and the Bandit.


“Its got the shaker hood and the T-tops were a must, if you don’t have the T-tops you don’t have a Trans-Am, really,” gushes Trans Am Depot co-founder Scott Warmack in the car’s promotional video.

The Trans Am’s can be had for around $70,000 with the 77 limited edition, autographed Bandit models selling for $115,000.


Purists, of course, are complaining about the new model, saying it pales in comparison to the legend.

But the legend made due with a paltry 185 horsepower from it’s smog-control choked 400 cubic inch engine. The new Bandit Trans-Am? It’s sporting an ungodly 840 horsepower.