Batmobile would Cost Over a Million Dollars to Insure.

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New report says this will cost you a million a year.
New report says this will cost you a million a year.

Or that’s what 1st Central is saying. The insurance company has complied a list of famous cars and how much your typical driver would have to pay to get them insured. The Batmobile comes in second, with weapons and a history of being used as a ram, at $1,148,550. While pittance for the likes of Mr. Wayne, it will definetly dissuade or bankrupt less wealthy fans.
Optimus Prime
But who tops it? Good ol’Optimus Prime, who clocks in at $1,531,400 for the same reasons as the Batmobile, but lacking any address and being produced by an unknown company. If those are too pricey, movie nerds can settle Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a measly 3500 a year.
Now, this all assumes your a relatively good driver who keeps your car safe. Kwikfit did an estimate on if you were, say, a certain spy who kept driving into dangerous areas with your car, and how much they’d have to pay out. 2295346Mr. Bond would cost $2,295,346 in just his last movie. And he’s competent. I’d hate to see Archer’s bill.