Are Electric Cars Really Green? The Answer May Surprise You.

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Do electric cars really help the environment? President Obama things so. So do Hollywood celebrities. But what’s the truth?

This video from Prager University answers that question by looking at the total environmental impact of electric cars, not just the carbon emissions.

With the help of the Copenhagen Consensus Center the video looks at the energy used to create an electric car, the energy (and sources thereof) to power the car, and the energy of scrapping the car.

What most people forget to mention is that, in the United States, an electric car should really be called a coal powered car.

Over their lifetime, electric cars save just 3-5 tons of CO2 emissions versus an equivalent traditional car.

That seems like a small benefit in exchange for the roughly $7,500 subsidy the federal government is providing for electric cars.

According to their website, Prager University takes the best ideas from the best minds and distill them into five, focused minutes. We then add cutting edge graphics and animation to make the most persuasive, entertaining case possible for the values that have made Western Civilization, generally, and America, specifically, the source of so much freedom and wealth.

You can follow their videos on YouTube here.