Engineering Student Designs Airplane While Drunk

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Drunken Areoplane
College students get drunk. This is a simple fact of existence. And when drunk,some people think they are the most brilliant person on the planet. So, you get lots of Florida-man stories about trying to swim across the gulf or wrestle a gator.
And then there’s Mark.
Mark is an engineering student at Michigan Tech. After coming home from a particularly vodka filled night, Mark designed an elaborate sea-going vehicle that bears a resemblance to a plane, leaving a stream of calculations on various white boards and papers.He then passed out. Waking up the next day, Mark had no memory of any of the incident. Yet, according to Mark, the math checks out.
His plans for his next drunk binge are, according to his roommate, “trying to cure cancer or to finalise his design plans for the craft in Siemens NX to be 3D printed later for prototyping” according to the Guardian.