You Can Now Get This 700 Horsepower Jeep Wrangler Hellcat [VIDEO]

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Jeep’s Rhino XT is a hell of a beast and thanks to its recent exposure in the new Fast and Furious 8, it will soon be available to those who have a craving for the off-road. Just be ready to drop a large sum of cash.


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U.S. Specialty Vehicles manufactures this monster by taking a normal Jeep Wrangler frame and rebuilding it from the ground up to what you see today. The Rhino XT has a long list of improvements from its counterpart, the Wrangler.

To start, the Rhino XT is a top of the line version equipped with a 707 hp V8 from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat slammed into it. Along with the 707 in it, the Hellcat version also comes with a beefed up transmission and driveshafts compared to the base model.


It also comes with structural reinforcement and custom suspension. Other base models are more cosmetic than actual under the hood changes.

The idea of the Rhino XT came from California’s US Specialty Vehicles who took the design idea from an old Hummer concept that was never used. The hellacious vehicle cost a pretty penny to those of you who feel the need to go offroad with an immense amount of power.


According to The Drive, the base model of the vehicle will cost around $85,000 and a mid-range model within the $100,000 price range. Now, for those who want the 707 V8 includesd, it will reportedly set you back $157,000.


The truck is expected to sell rather quickly, partly because of the exposure it received from the Fast and Furious 8 film. It’s a great marketing decision, and it was admired so much on set that the director of the film, F. Gary Gray, ordered one for himself.


The Hellcat version has already caught the eye of one unnamed country music star, according to Fox News. The country music star’s name, which is being withheld by Fox, has driven the Hellcat version and says the truck drives with ease and the off-road tires are “hilarious.”


The Hellcat seems to have all the self-marketing it can handle, and it will surely pay off once this beast hits the showroom floor in the near future.