Tapeworm Found Inside Man’s Head

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Still Wiggling
Still Wiggling

More proof of the dangers of the animal kingdom: A live tapeworm was found wiggling inside a man’s head.

The California man, Luis Oritz, came home with a pounding headache and nausea. When he went out skating, a few black outs came and went. Heading home, the headace got worse and Oritz began to vomit. These vomiting spells went on for some time. Finally, he fell unconscious.

An X-ray scan at the hospital revealed the worm’s prescence. Oritz condition detiorated so fast, that surgery was needed almost immediately. The surgery was difficult, as the worm was small and puncturing it could cause infection. Dr. Soren Singel, however, was up to the task and managed to successfully remove the worm.

Three months later, Oritz was released from therapy and rehabilitation. His memories of the hospital are shaky, and doctors still don’t know how the tapeworm got to his brain. But for the time, Oritz is just glad to be alive.