Ninja Kangaroo vs. Mad Max–Kangaroo Wins.

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kangaroo 2

So you’re cruising through the Outback, minding your own business, when a kangaroo the size of a small horse leaps from the scrub on the side of the road, right into your headlights. He’s supposed to freeze, struck dumb by the blinding light, so you can bump him off the road like God intended. Well not this ‘roo. He has other plans.

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This cute little critter hasn’t survived this long in the inhospitable Australian bush just to be bested by a speeding motorist. Instead of hopping across the road like a good little marsupial, this one decides he’ll take on the speeding car–head on.

kangaroo 1

He’s got a vertical leap that would make an NBA forward jealous. That jump alone would be enough, but that’s not how this story ends. Just when it looks like the kangaroo could clear the car completely, the surprisingly large animal smashes down onto the roof with enough force to crack the windshield.

kangaroo 4

The motorist is momentarily stunned. After slamming on the brakes, he regains his composure and leaps from the car. I’m not sure I can translate all of his Australian idioms, but I think he was wishing the kangaroo good health and apologizing for driving through his native habitat like he was auditioning for the next Mad Max sequel.

Mad max spends a good bit of energy searching for the animal he assumes he killed, but the kangaroo is long gone. I know he’s Australian and all, and they all carry big knives and wear hats with alligator teeth in the hat band, but I’d leave that particular kangaroo the hell alone–especially after seeing what that monster did to the car (seriously, the sound of him coming down on the roof is worth the price of admission).

kangaroo 3

Still, gotta love the dash-cam footage. I had to wade through scores of flattened koalas, broadsided aborigines, and eviscerated kookabrurars, just to get to this one brief moment of karmic comeuppance.