Have You Ever Wanted To BE A Bear?

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Dutch artist Ekio Ishizawa has made the Great Sleeping Bear, though from now on I am calling it “The Soft and Fierce One”. Each is handmade, and after their intial run in 2013, it seemed like things had died down.

And then the internet found them again.

Needless to say, they are for sale now, and only for a limited time. The bears do cost a pretty penny of $2,350 but if you can bear it, you can find it at Ishizawa’s site.

According to Ishizawa’s website:

By having the experience of transitional discoveries like finding a bear, realizing a little human face in his mouth, and recognizing details and shape of this commodity, I attempt to create this work as to be a medium for audiences to generate one’s transitional perceptions and fantasies in reality.

Is it downright weird? Yes. Also cool as hell? Double yes.