Bizzare Sea Creature Spotted on Greek Shores

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A Scottish tourist named Harvey Roberston has snapped a picture of a strange and unknown sea creature, that seems to be a cross between a dolphin and a hippo. The creature was spotted on a cruise ship near Parga, and according to Fox News, Roberston didn’t think twice before taking the picture.

The Mysterious Beast
The Mysterious Beast

Some have speculated that the photo might be of Curvier’s beaked whale, but Mr. Roberston’s creature looks much more clearly like a hippo, with a longer and more defined snout.

Sea Monster 2

Mr. Roberston has spoken out, however, against one theory: That the Loch Ness monster had followed him all the way from Scotland.

“I also doubt it’s Nessie as he’s none too fond of Greek salad.”