Watch Epic Human Chain Rescue Woman Trapped in Rising Maryland Flood Waters

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The flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland, over the weekend was devastating. Two people lost their lives in the disaster. Many local businesses were destroyed, homes were lost, and the roads have been ripped up by the tumultuous waters. Yet there is at least one story of heroism that has come, and it was captured on video.

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An Ellicott City resident caught the event on camera. The video, posted to Facebook by Sarah Arditti, shows a group of men who form a human chain to rescue a woman trapped in her car.

It isn’t known yet why the woman was driving in these conditions, but she’s lucky to be alive.

“Get out, get out!” someone off-camera yelled to the woman.

“You’re not going to make it!” another shouts over the sound of the water.

“I can’t get out,” the woman cries. She attempts to get out of the window, but is hampered by her fear. Yet the men continue to try to reach her.

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“You have to!” another rescuer  demands.

And then, surprisingly, the woman eases herself out of the window. The man closest to her lets go of the chain and grabs her, risking his life even more boldly. Then he reaches the chain, and together they’re pulled in to safety.

Before you jump on the bystander holding the camera, he was helping. That is Sarah Arditti’s husband, Dave. He filmed with his free hand and still managed to hold on to the human chain.

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Two requisite words of caution for situations like these. 1. Don’t drive in flooded streets. Cars are easily swept away in fast moving waters, and the pressure on the doors often makes escape difficult. 2. This human chain was lucky, too. Risking your life to save another is its own reward, but know the risks.

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(Content warning: the video below has some emotionally charged language):