Homecoming for Active Duty Father and His Incredibly Special Son: Watch This Now!

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Military homecomings are always poignant. The raw emotion is gratifying. But this one is different. If you watch just one feel-good video today, this should be it. This is one of those magical moments that will stay with you.

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Life for those deployed overseas isn’t easy. Even those who aren’t facing enemy fire give up the comforts of home. But it is the family back home that is often overlooked. And when you have a family with special needs, the absence of a mother of father leaves a big hole.

That’s what makes this homecoming so special. Any homecoming deserves attention, but this one will tear you up inside. It is one of those moments that makes all of the world completely disappear.

United States Air Force Technical Sergeant John Grieten had been deployed in Southwest Asia for over six months before this video was shot. Upon his return, he went straight to his kids’ school to surprise them.

They were at lunch. His son, Joshua, has Down Syndrome. The honesty in Joshua’s reaction is crushing–but in a good way.

joshua 3

Joshua looks like one of those rare individuals that just can’t hide his joy. Even before his father shows up, Joshua’s love of life is overflowing.

What I wouldn’t give to have one of these moments–to put down all of the worries and pain and jaded bias and just genuinely love where I am.

joshua 2

So why are you still reading this? Get down to the video and click the play triangle. But before you do, get ready. You are going to feel that massive pendulum swing of emotion that just might make this the best human-interest news piece ever. If you are a father, or if you have a father, my bet is that this will hit home.