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You Won’t Believe What Kids Do on Playground When The Bugle Sounds[VIDEO]

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The scene at Marine Crops Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina was one of childhood bliss. Kids playing in the backyard of Danielle Tomei Davila’s house, running and shouting. And then, a bugle began to play.

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And as the music echoed over the playground, the miraculous happened. Every single one of those children, at the same moment, stopped what they were doing and stood at full attention.


Danielle says her and her family’s life has always been tied to the military, and that this was a moment to cherish.
Luckily she had her phone on her and caught the amazing occurrence on video. “When colors sound this is what happens,” Danielle writes in the description. “And what SHOULD happen!”


The internet agreed. When Danielle posted it back in 2011 the video reached one and a half million views on YouTube. Since then its nearly doubled in views, and gotten an overwhelming positive response. More than one viewer was blown away by the kids instant respect.


“You did a fine job raising your children Marine,” one commenter posted. “I was stationed there back in 72 and noticed the kids at that time were the same way. You should be very proud of them.”

If the commenter is to be believed, then for over forty years kids down in Jacksonville, North Carolina have maintained an almost military discipline. Many posters reminisced about their own childhoods near bases.

“Back in the sixties we were Air Force kids, luckily able to travel with Dad (Of Blessed Memory) for most of his assignments, so this was the norm for base living. Thank you for the journey back. :)” A commenter wrote only a month ago. Others were less happy to see kids preforming what amounts to a military response, throwing around terms like brainwashing. But then again, what can you expect from YouTube comments?