You Won’t Believe How Much This Dog Has Changed After Being Rescued [VIDEO]

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It’s always hard to see an injured animal. Witnessing something so innocent suffering so much can be heartbreaking. It’s even worse when it’s an animal that’s also a pet, reminding people of their own fluffy friends.


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They’re called “puppy dog eyes” for a reason. It’s a direct line to a person’s heart, curling up around the soul. So much sadness can be in those large, expressive eyes.

Dogs suffer for lots of reasons. The typical culprits are abuse and neglect, leading to beaten or malnourished dogs. The worst of this bunch includes dog-fighters and their ilk.

But it’s important to remember that too much in the other direction can be a problem. Not all food is good for dogs, and feeding a dog too much is also neglectful. Dogs don’t realize when there full, which is why they always want more. This particular stray got so many snacks he became severely obese. In fact, he had to lose thirty pounds in order to return to a healthy size.


Most strays, however, suffer not from an intentional abuse or overfeeding, but from mange, a disease where parasites slip under the skin. Dogs trying scratch off the mites often cause scabs and bleeding. Little Powder in the video nearly died of his mange out in the Florida Everglades.

Luckily for him, he was found by police curled up on the grass. The police were able to get Powder to Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue, where he has made a full recovery. His legs and eyes recovered from the irritation, and he’s frolicking with the rest of the puppies in open fields now.


Warning, however, in that while the results of this video are amazing, the initial imagery might be shocking. Mange is a terrible affliction, and Powder shows the scars from it.