You Have To Hear What Got This 14 Year Old A Standing Applause [VIDEO]

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Is there an expression of emotion more pure than music? It’s hard to preform, to write, to put everything you feel inside out into a world of scrutiny. Let alone to do all this as a teenager.

[scroll to the bottom for video]

And when that emotion leaks out, it spreads into the audience. A tear filled performance can make an audience weep, and bring out the best in an artist. It’s almost impossible to forget such a performance, and Campbell Walker-Fields delivered that.

The fourteen year old wasn’t a perfect singer, but his message made up for it in raw feeling: he wanted to reach out to his birth mother with a message. He was adopted when his birth mother decided she couldn’t handle a fourth child.


His two dads since then have tried their best to raise him. And by all accounts, Campbell is an amazing young man. It wasn’t without difficulties, and Campbell even recounts incidents of bullying he suffered because of his family situation. The courage that it must have taken to bring such a personal part of his life on stage is no doubt proof that Campbell is an amazing young man.


Repeatedly Campbell was interrupted by cheers. Even Simon Cowell softened at the performance! And when it ended, and Campbell broke down into tears, the crowd got on its feet and cheered. The judges had almost nothing but praise for him, even if he wasn’t the absolute best.

It’s inspiring really, to see someone push themselves to something incredible so young. And to hear such raw emotion, and see a wonderful singer embraced by his fathers. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like, to receive a standing ovation at such a young age for your talents in such a personal way.


Don’t just take my word for it! Give it a listen below.