When Regular People Wrestle Sumo Champions, the Results are Painfully Hilarious

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What happens when average people wrestle sumo champions? Pain. Embarrassment. And maybe a little poop in the pants.

At least those were the results when Buzzfeed grabbed a group of regular people (hey, hipsters are people too, just as the guy with the manbun) and gave them the opportunity.

Wrestling against a Japanese university champion, a four-time world champion, and Yama… the largest Japanese man to ever live and a two time sumo champion, the regular people did.. well, watch for yourself:

To be fair, the participants were given some training in the basics of sumo tradition and in sumo techniques.

Regular People Wrestle Sumo Champions

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It didn’t help, as this image of one of the people being thrown to the ground by his face clearly shows.


Who wants to try next?