A calculus professor Merced College is the talk of the internet with his entertaining YouTube lectures and his ridiculous good looks.

He got real national attention when he was mentioned by Imgur user theodin:

This dude is seriously the best math teacher ever. Videos are hilarious and easily broken down to learn calculus. Helped me pass calc 1 and currently calc 2. A good watch for anybody who is taking any type of math. I guarantee he will help you get atleast a “B”. I can’t believe i haven’t seen him on imgur yet. To those who have watched those videos hopefully you’ll appreciate leonard as much as i do.

I forgot to mention he teaches from pre-algebra – Calculus 3. I will not stop posting about him till all imgurians know about him and hits front page. P. Leonard deserves this shit.

As one commenter put it, “This student has been so influenced by this teacher that he’s advertising him like the 2nd coming. I’m checking it out too.”

Other uses immediately gave Leonard appropriate nicknames: “Channing Tangent” and “Math Damon”.