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This 360-Degree Where’s Waldo Video is Exactly What the Internet was Designed for.

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Where's Waldo

Someone has finally figured out the perfect use for 360 degree cameras. The world’s best game of Where’s Waldo.

We all know the iconic game from the hundreds of children’s books that simply ask you to find the red and striped bespectacled Waldo who is hiding in plain sight… somewhere among hundreds of other people.

Everyone has their own tricks for how to solve the books, but how do you stack up when it’s a live action video and you have to find him? Let’s find out.

If you’re watching on mobile, you’ll need to go into the YouTube app to use the full 360 features because, well, mobile.

Dont’ forget to watch the behind the scenes video with the guys telling what made them think 360-degree video + Waldo = internet magic:

So what’s better, the books or the 360 video?