This 15-Year-Old Was Fed Up With What is Happening to Veterans. What She Did is Inspiring.

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“There are over one thousand five hundred veteran funerals each day and there are not enough military buglers to attend each one of these funerals,” Katie Prior says. “It’s estimated some 70% of veterans have a recording of Taps played instead.”

Those numbers sparked Katie into action, leading her to create the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps, a non-profit to teach high school and college trumpet players Taps and restore the live bugler to military funerals.

The organization has been incredibly well received by sponsors, the military, and veterans and their families.

Katie was even appointed a Champion of Change by President Obama last year.

Here’s Katie being awesome, and using her talents on Memorial Day to honor her own grandfather, a World War II veteran:

Faith in the future… restored.