Teen with a Stun Gun Proves You Can’t Fix Stupid [VIDEO]

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This is Dangelo. Dangelo lives in New York and is very proud of his new stun gun.

What Dangelo should not be proud of is his complete lack of understanding of electrical conductivity.

After showing off his stun gun on his cell phone (using vertical video – when will people learn!), and talking about robbing people, Dangelo tested the stun gun against a straw and then a Coke can. Then he grabbed a gold bracelet in his hand and activated the stun gun.

The results were shocking for him as Dangelo went straight to the ground, twitching as he fell.

Luckily, his friends were there to laugh at him for being an idiot.

Just to prove that stupid comes in every shade, we give you:

And who could forget this University of Florida student in the infamous “Don’t tase me, bro” incident: