Special Snowflake Goes on Rampage. Attacks Man Over Sign. Gets Butt Kicked. [VIDEO]

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A special snowflake on a college campus decided that a man who has held the same sign in the same spot for more than a decade was “offensive”, so he attacked the man.

The incident happened at Arizona State University where the man has held a sign saying “Warning! Masturbators, theives, liars, drunkards, fornicators, homosexuals, Judgment Day!” for as long as anyone can remember.

But this snowflake loses it, unleashing his shrill shriek of a warface before attacking the protester. He gets tossed to the ground repeatedly before claiming he did nothing wrong because his actions were “hate speech provoked assault”… whatever that means.

One Reddit User was able to shine some light on the video:

I went to Arizona State. This is amazing. That guy has been standing there for years, probably over a decade. But in all honesty between the honors college, engineering, and arts programs I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. There are some seriously “special” kids around. As telling as this is it’s kind of sad isn’t it?

The sign says something to the effect homosexuality and some other stuff are immoral. It could be that I’m remembering another guy’s sign. Edit: found it on another thread, “Warning! Masturbators, theives, liars, drunkards, fornicators, homosexuals, Judgment Day!” There are a few people that come out and preach or hold signs and pamphlets. Kids try and debate them all the time. The kids don’t understand the scripture they quote but they get crowds. Normally there are other kids to diffuse the situation.

That being said I was on campus between classes when a young man was on a crate reading scripture and some young men paid to collect signatures for impeaching sheriff Joe. One of the young men was an overly zealous black dude that I can’t imagine had graduated high school. They were circling this dude like scavengers yelling shit at him. At least a thousand students were in the area. Probably 100 were in ear shot chuckling along. Well he started getting a bit more aggressive walking up to the guy. It just so happened that as I was passing he said something to the effect of “No one wants you here. No one is with you.” So I stopped and just stood by his side. A few others spontaneously stood with us. Young jeezy shut the fuck up real quick. And moved on with his democrat paid shill job.

Do you think colleges are failing our America’s youth?