He Tells His Son to Pull The Pin on a Grenade & Throw it in a Microwave. What Happens Next…

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What the hell is this guy thinking, giving his young son a grenade and telling him to “pull the pin, throw it in a microwave, and take off running”. Sounds like a sound strategy for something, but not for keeping your family safe and happy.

That’s exactly what we see in this video when that’s going viral. You can see for yourself here:

You can see the look of fear in the boy’s eyes as he gingerly places the grenade into the microwave while he dad reminds him not to let go of the lever.

It looks like everything goes well right up until Lincoln places the grenade down.


And then…


Half of you have made it this far, laughed at the video and had a good time. The other half haven’t figured out that this isn’t real. Well, it’s real because it’s a based on an excellent video from YouTube channel What’s Inside that the internet was nice enough to modify into this awesome gem.

Check out the whole video here:

And stop crying.