Hate Flying? Here’s Why! 6 Terrifying Takeoffs & Landings [VIDEO]

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One of our editors has a fear of flying that can only be conquered by xanax and whiskey. Technically, he’s not afraid of flying. He’s afraid of crashing and being blown to tiny bits.

Since this is a common fear, I thought it would be a public service to post a video of terrifying takeoffs and landings.

Most people would think it was cruel to post a video of terrifying takeoffs and landings for a friend who hates flying, but I see it as a learning opportunity.

All of these crashes seem to have resulted in no injuries to anything but a few pairs of now-stained underpants. That’s one positive, right?

I mean, really, when’s the last time you heard of a plane crashing with no survivors or just disappearing off the map completely.

Okay, bad examples.