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Epic Father and Son Bonding: Cut Open A Grenade! [VIDEO]

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Father and son duo Lincoln and Daniel are the brains behind the YouTube channel “What’s Inside….” And it is an aptly named channel. Every episode answers the question. This week, though, they’ve taken “What’s inside…” to a new level.

07122016 1

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Their good old-fashioned father-son bonding began as a school project for Lincoln, but over time the channel has grown and exploded into something amazing. That’s mostly a metaphor.


Mostly, because the pair have now cut into their deadliest object yet. While before they cut rattlesnake rattles and wasp nests in half, now they’ve gone for one of the most terrifying things in the world: a pair of grenades.

You know, the fireball the military hurls to drive people out of cover? The miniature bomb sadistically shaped like fruit? The ones that used to require infantry be taller and stronger than average to use them properly? Yeah, those.


Not just one grenade, but two: an apple grenade and a pineapple grenade. Why we name grenades after fruit escapes me, (I know they kind of look like a fruit, but if I bite into one it will be far less sweet). Daniel places each under the power saw and cuts straight through.

He pauses at one point to make sure they are actually safe before going on (again, a video literally exploding online would be more than a little tragic). Since they were bought on Amazon, they ought to be safe and be missing the primer, fuse, and charge, leaving it mostly hollow. But better safe than sorry.


So give it a look. Not only is seeing the insides of a grenade fascinating, but seeing a father and son bond over a long term project like this, and a young kid so curious about the world make it endearing.