A pair of highly intoxicated spring breakers picked the wrong Sheriff’s Deputy to pick a fight with – and got a lesson in proper beach etiquette in the process.

Video of the incident starts as Sgt. Bryan Bingham attempts to subdue one of the rowdy party-goers. Bingham ultimately choke slams the individual to the ground.

When the guys’ buddy decides he needs to get involved. Despite having been thrown to the ground by the officer using just one hand while on his knees, he decides to come back for more.

After subduing and handcuffing the first suspect, the officer then gets the second suspect into a sleeper hold. The suspect tries to “tap out,” but apparently this officer doesn’t play by UFC rules.


Bingham gave an interview about the incident to Fox and Friends.

Post by Fox & Friends.

Some people have argued that the two drunks were just good guys who got a little carried away. If you’re in that camp, watch this press conference about the incident.

Happy Spring Break, everyone!