Baseball Star Kris Bryant Pranks College Team as ‘The Transfer’

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What happens when Red Bull and a major league star call up a community college coach and say they want to prank his players?

He immediately jumps on board and decides to have some fun with it.

Pretending he’s bringing in a new transfer student from Europe named Roy Nabryt, Mesa Community College coach Tony Cirelli, tells his team that a lot of players are going to lose playing time for the new guy, but “if he helps us get another ring, nobody’s going to be complaining”.

The players grumble among themselves about the “transfer” student and wanting to get him to quit. Then they see him hit and stare in slack-jawed amazement. As Cirelli explains:

“When you see a big leaguer, especially one the caliber of Kris Bryant, it sounds different, it looks different, the balls flying off the bat. They’re going to stop and probably drop their jaws and just watch.”

Despite the ruse, a lot of players quickly figured out who Roy Nabryt was after seeing him hit.

How did they get the name Roy Nabryt
National League Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant went back to college ball – for a day. Conspiring with the coach at Mesa Community College in Arizona, the two tricked the Thunderbirds baseball team into believing he was the new hot shot transfer. Using the alias of Roy Nabryt (‘Roy’ is short for Rookie of the Year and ‘Nabryt’ is Bryant with letters twisted), here’s what happened when Bryant – aka Roy – proceeded to launch balls out of the ballpark as stunned players looked on.