10 Things About Iron Man You Didn’t Know

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The armored Avenger has generated quite the buzz, with three successful solo movies and starting off the most successful movie franchise in history. But how much do you really know? Let’s find out!


10. Iron Man has Demon’s in The Bottle
In 1979, one of Iron Man’s quintessential story lines revealed Tony Stark to have taken up drinking in order to deal with the stress of crime fighting. In an interview with fan site ComicBookMovie, Iron Man 3 director Shane Blake and writer Drew Pearce confirmed that Stark’s alcoholism in the movie, but the story line was vetoed by Disney. Disney had gotten complaints from mother’s blogs, who were upset that alcoholism would be portrayed in a movie marketed to kids.


9.Iron Man: Made To Be Hated
Unlike most of Stan Lee’s characters, Iron Man was designed to specifically not garner sympathy nor be ordinary. Stan took it as a challenge to see if he could get left-wing liberals to love the person they ought to hate. During the Cold War, with opposition to the war in Vietnam and the military was mounting, Tony Stark’s first appearance was him as an arms dealer making money off the war in Vietnam. The trick Stan used to make him likable? Shove him down readers throats, and worry about likability later.


8. Robert Downey Junior Almost Wasn’t Iron Man
The MCU has had great luck in casting, to the point where an Iron Man who isn’t Robert Downey Jr. seems impossible. He almost got cut, however, due to his reputation as a cocaine addict. However, Iron man director Jon Favreaur saw Downey’s casting as perfect, since he had both the highs and lows of his character. Favreaur went on to say “the character seemed to line up with Robert in all the good and bad ways, and the story of Iron Man was really the story of Robert’s career.”


7.Iron Man’s Armor (s)
With 53 versions of the armor in comics, and 45 in the MCU, Tony keeps busy. Highlights include the now famous Hulkbuster Armor, the less famous Thorbuster Armor, Stealth Armor , Space Armor, and Endo-Sym Armor (an armor debuting 2014 that is able to absorb energy and is liquid at room temperature). All suits have some degree of life support, food, and handy waste removal systems.


6. Robert Downey Jr.’s Money
Thanks to his role as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. became the highest paid actor in the world in 2015, for the third year in a row. According to Forbes, his annual earnings of $80 million are the highest recorded for any actor ever. This is partly due to a lucrative profit-sharing deal with Marvel (signed after the first Iron Man film), which nets him a percentage of the box office in every film he reprises the role in In addition to receiving a cut of Captain America:Civil War’s box office profits, Downey will got a second pay out if the film breaks franchise records.


5. Floating Timeline
As we stated above, original Iron Man appeared in the Vietnam war, and was captured by the Veitcong to make the now famous suit. However, Marvel’s concept of sliding time has resulted in this story being constantly updated, so that Iron Man is always relevant to modern political problems.


4. Howard Hughes
Stan Lee based Tony Stark’s “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” on business tycoon Howard Hughes. Hughes was one of the wealthiest men of his day, and like stark made some of his money off of weapons development. Downey’s own performance, however, was based on rocket scientest Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Paypal.


3. Captain America Gave Him Fighting Lessons
Without his armor, Tony typically lacks some fighting tact. However, in the Demon in the Bottle storyline, Stark is taught combat by none other than Captain America. In order to get the sculpted body that was needed, Downey did some serious weight training and self defense lessons. The routine lasted for 9 months, eating over 5000 calories a day and adding 22 pounds of muscle.


2. Iron Man, Busy Man
Iron Man is quite the workaholic. Not only a founding member of the Avengers, Stark was later made Secretary of Defense. After Scarlet Witch used her powers to make Stark drunkenly insult members of the United Nations, Stark felt compelled to resign. Tony also founded the Illumanti (the smart guy manipulation society of Marvel), and was in the re-launch of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


1.Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
As of 2014, Forbes estimates Tony Stark is the 4th richest fictional character, with a net worth of 12.4 billion dollars. That would make him richer than former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Website “Go Banking Rates” estimates a whopping $8.46 billion of Tony’s worth has been invested into his Iron Man. Even with all that spent on gadgets, Tony is still 3 billion dollars richer than the estimate worth of billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne.