Anyone with children can attest that when the kids become teenagers, it’s a fight to the death every single day to get them out of bed. So it’s not a surprise that a Northern California mother had to write a tardy note for her daughter after she overslept one morning.

Nicole Poppic, 34, made the note for her 14-year-old daughter Cara but also shared her tardy note with Facebook. Her post has since gone viral.


Nicole Poppic posted, “It was one of those lovely mornings that every mom with a teenager can relate to.” She began by saying her daughter had not only overslept but that she was also “talking back to her” so you know her day was only going downhill from there.


Here’s her note which has been shared over 32,000 times:

To whom it may concern:

Cara is tardy this morning as a result of a condition known as teenage-ism. Adolescents across our great nation are afflicted, and there is no known cure. Symptoms are multitudinous, but this particular morning she suffered from an inability to remove herself from her bed, and also felt the need to talk back to her birth-giver. She seems to be recovering her sense after watching her cell phone fly out the car window. Please call me if there is another flare-up.

Thank you-Nicole Poppic.

Parents from all over began to comment and to commended Nicole for her parenting technique. One commenter, Greta Humphrey, said: “As a teacher and a mom, well played, game-set-match to you!”

Another commenter wrote, “I love this, I need to keep this in mind for when my little one gets older.”


Cara read the letter her mom gave her for a tardy note and refused to take it. So Nicole walked into the office with her daughter and turned it in. ‘The attendance clerk cracked a smile, but didn’t say anything, she just gave Cara her tardy slip,’ Poppic wrote.

She pointed out that her daughter is a good kid, “She is an honor roll student and an extremely talented piano player. I am very proud of her and I love being her mom. She was just having a bad morning.”


Poppic explained that she was very close with Cara, who laughed about the note a couple days later, but that she felt it was important to teach her a lesson that day. “I feel it is important for all of my children to realize that no matter what kind of mood a person is in, they are still responsible for their own actions,” she wrote.

“And they are expected to be aware of how those actions affect other people.” Good advice for all of us!