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New No-Screen Phones Designed To Get Kids Outside Without Pokemon

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Kids grow up in a completely different world today compared to only a decade ago. There isn’t an American kid over five that doesn’t know how to operate a smartphone.

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Kids under ten have only lived without the internet when there’s a significant power outage. But sometimes that can be a problem.

Sure, kids have a constant stream of information, but they’ve grown dependent on it (to say the least).  Little eyes constantly glued to the screen aren’t looking around at the world, learning on their own, and they’re not looking into the eyes of other human beings.

And if the past week is any indication, they’re all looking into the eyes of pretend monsters, and walking off cliffs and into traffic in search of Pokemon.

So what’s the solution? Do you take the phones away from kids? Do you practice a bit of free-range parenting and put it all on the line? Hardly. Very few parents are willing to take those kinds of risks.

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Well, the company Haltian has something for you. The Snowfox is a screenless phone that not only lets you get in touch with your kids wherever they are, but features GPS tracking, telling you exactly where they are, and if they go anywhere you mark as “not allowed.”

The Snowfox has children in mind, with its week long battery life and waterproof covering (because if kids are good at anything, it’s breaking stuff). The gizmo is currently being crowd funded on Indiegogo and has a projected Fall 2016 release.


Could this be the answer? This isn’t a paid spot, for what it’s worth. I’m asking.