Easy Hack Turns Nerf’s Latest Fun-Gun Into Insane Full-Auto Blaster [VIDEO]

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Nerf began to turn heads this week with it’s announcement of it’s latest blaster, the Rival Nemesis MXVII-10k. This latest innovation from Nerf is no regular toy and fires foam balls at up to 70 MPH. Fortunately, the YouTuber, LordDraconical, was able to score an early release of the latest blaster.


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He did not stop there though; Lord Draconical took it to the next level. From an already impeccable Nerf blaster to an almost ridiculous foam-ball destroyer, he completely revamped the gun. No, no, it would be pointless to stop there. The standard Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K (scheduled to be released this Fall) holds 100 rounds and can fire an entire load within 25 seconds.


Lord Draconical decided to vastly improve this firing speed by lowering it to 15 seconds! In order to do this, he had to deconstruct the blaster and upgrade the Nemesis’ battery. All you need is a screw driver and a decent soldering iron. The skills to use both might be helpful, too.


The Nemesis runs off of 6 D batteries, which means in order for him to pull this off he had to rewire and solder all the preexisting wires and switches to get it to operate on this new power level. While re-soldering wires in a plastic gun isn’t the easiest hack, it is well worth the effort.


The power source used for this mod was a high-output lithium battery and boy, could you tell the difference! The office shenanigans are going to become a lot more intense after the release of the Nemesis MXVII-10K. Or maybe your family life, who knows? Just be cautious with this rapid-fire foam-shooting weapon!


Of course, you’ll have to learn how to solder and rebuild the blaster to complete this amazing mod, but luckily for you, Lord Draconical has laid it out in a tutorial attached at the bottom of this article.  Coming this Fall 2017, you too can have this insane beast of a Nerf blaster (which will be sure to impress all your friends no matter how old you are!).

While Nerf isn’t officially endorsing the hack, we certainly hope their taking notes for future incarnations of the Nemesis.

h/t Sploid Gizmodo