Shut Up & Take My Money

This $1600 Napalm Flamethrower is the Object of Your Heart’s Desires [VIDEO]

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For the pyromaniacs out there, here is a new cheap solution to ‘How to make it all burn’: the X15, from Xmatter.

The X15, for the low price of $1600 fires a continuous stream of diesel and gasoline. If your willing to pay a little more, Xmatter will send along a napalm mix. Be warned, however, as napalm burns are frequently described as ‘the worst pain you can imagine’.

Still, if your cautious, the quality stuff will be worth it. Whether recreational or spider hunting, napalm creates a tighter stream of flame, burns longer, and is easier to control.

Xmatter does sell a smaller flamethrower for $699-799, if the X15 is a bit too pricey for your taste. If you happen to live in Maryland or California, then I am afraid your out of luck, as legislation in those states prohibits ownership of flamethrowers. Anywhere else, however, and your good to go.