“You’ll Need This” NEW Star Wars Footage Showing Han and Chewie in Action!

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“You’ll need this”.

That’s what Han tells Rey as he hands her a blaster in the newest television spot for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

It definitely seems like they’re heading into one of those “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” scenes we all love.


We get a glimpse of the septuagenarian scoundrel and Chewie using “aggressive negotiations” against an unknown enemy, but we can likely assume it’s the First Order. Or some bounty hunter still trying to take Solo down.


But then, just before the trailer ends, we’re treated to this amazing teaser of Finn wielding a lightsaber (I’m still not sure it’s his lightsaber) against some kind of electrostaff.

Is this the battle we saw of Finn using a¬†lightsaber in the woods, meaning he doesn’t fight Kylo Renn or is this just another JJ Abrams “mystery box”?




Still no Luke, although Abrams did say that you haven’t seen Luke in the trailers (essentially confirming that Luke is NOT Kylo Ren – breaking the hearts of Reddit conspiracy theorists everywhere) but that it’s for a specific reason.

What’s the new conspiracy going to be? Is Luke in charge of the First Order already?