This Marine Creates Realistic Combat Photos With Star Wars Action Figures [GALLERY]

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Matthew Callahan, who served in the Marine Corps and is now studying at Syracuse University has created one of the coolest photo essays we’ve seen, well pretty much ever.

Callahan has created a series of realistic looking combat photos using nothing but Star Wars action figures. He shared his creations on his Instagram account @galactic_warfighters.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.16.17 PM

On his Facebook page, he describes the painstaking process he went through to create each image:

Behind the scenes:

The light rays were created using a piece of cardboard that I cut strips out of. I taped it onto an LED light soft box and we played with the positioning while spraying atmosphere Aerosol Into the scene to give the light something to travel through.

Used a car windshield screen to reflect light back into the figures face.

Phillip was an awesome assist and was the one who created the moon dust hanging in the air in the frame. It was snow!

‪#‎portrait‬ was shot at 200mm at f2.8

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