This Jedi Took a GoPro to Fight the Empire. You Won’t Believe What He Recorded. [HD VIDEO]

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GoPro + Jedi + Imperial scum = Pure Awesomeness. That’s the equation for this video from YouTube user Bill Parker.

Early in the video, our fearless Jedi is accosted by three Imperial Stormtroopers and puts on a textbook clinic of how to redirect blaster bolts, quickly dispatching the Emperor’s minions.


Danger ramps up quickly for Master Windu’s last padawan, with a TIE fighter coming in on a strafing run directly at him. Using the force, he grabs the spacecraft out of the air and holds it still before…


Ripping that piece of Imperial space trash into pieces with the Force!


Of course, a few old friends were there to save the day at the last minute: