Star Wars Fans: You can Live in the Millennium Falcon for just $10m.

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Milenium falcon
Get ready to make that wallet bleed money, this home is on the market!
Battleship grey, with elevated sides and tilted roofs this four bedroom home bears a striking resemblance to the glorious Millenium Falcon. The out of this world design comes from an Australian architect, Charles Wright, and was built in 2009. Charles says he didn’t recognize the similairity until seeing shots from above, at which point people began calling it ‘starship galactica’ The property includes 600 miles of beach, and is surrounded by forest and mountains.
Milenium Falcon2
Which might explain its price tag of about 10 million dollars. The luxurious house is in south eastern australia and, for now, out of most fans reach. Still, if you have the money and the will, it is a dream home.