Worlds Best GoPro Video Wins Surfer $20K. Makes Everyone Else Want to Learn to Surf.

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South African surfer Benji Brand has just won $20,000 for submitting his GoPro video to the GoPro of the World contest.

The video, which shows Brand surfing in Skeleton Bay, Namibia and catching an epic one minute run of non-stop tubes – where the water is breaking overhead and surrounds the surfer.

It’s one of those videos that makes people want to learn how to surf. According to the GoPro YouTube page:

With this wave from Namibia, Benji Brand wins $20k, a GoPro and free subscription to Surfline as he is crowned the winner of GoPro of the World III — Powered by Surfline. Check out the presentation of his winning check and don’t forget to submit to GoPro of the World IV!

What’s Benji going to do with the winnings? Go surfing, of course.

“I’ve never had that much money in my life. I’ll probably spend it on going to more trips there. It was the best thing ever; such an amazing surprise.”