This could be a scene taken straight from the movies. On the start of the college football season, Navy’s football team ran into a sticky situation. The starting quarterback for the Navy team, midshipmen Tago Smith, was injured and was unable to return for the remainder of the game. The backup for Smith, Malcolm Perry, had an illness and was in the stands for the game. That didn’t stop the coach from pulling him onto the field to start the second half.


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Perry was pulled out of the brigade of midshipmen and was immediately thrown into the game at the start of the second half. The game wasn’t close by any means. Perry came into the game when Navy was up 49-13, but Perry did help to contribute to their victory. He led the offense on a drive of 90 yards that concluded with a field goal.

After the game, Perry gave his thoughts on the whole ordeal. “It wasn’t planned for me to even dress today,” said Perry, who ran for 32 yards on seven carries but did not attempt a pass. “I came here with the rest of the brigade. I was just watching the game and Tago went down. The coaches got me out of the stands and got me dressed. It felt good.”


Navy’s coach Ken Niumstalo added, “I thought he did really well for a guy that wasn’t supposed to suit up, He was in the brigade so  we went and got him. He had been sick all week too and didn’t take any reps. So, we tried to keep things really simple for him. He’s another talented kid. It’s not the scenario you want. But we had to do what we had to do.”


In cases like this, many may be wondering is that even allowed? Well, surprisingly, yes it is. Most conferences place a limit to how many players a team can dress for road games, meaning they have to provide a pregame list of which players on their roster are eligible.


However, those restrictions typically don’t apply for home games, meaning Navy was allowed to play any player that was on their roster in the game, including Perry. Next game they’re sure to have all the quarterbacks suit up – just in case.