LeBron James Answers Fan Questions on Twitter. Talks Space Jam 2. Owns a Hater.

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Following what he likely considers a disappointing NBA season (the Cavs made the finals but failed to secure a championship), King James took to Twitter to answer fan questions for a solid 30 minutes earlier today. The exchanges were interesting, insightful and in at least one case, downright hilarious.

Here’s the tweet that started it all off.

Look, we could keep you in suspense and save this one for last, but let’s be really honest here, most of us (especially those of us in our late 20’s to mid 30’s) have only one question — is Space Jam 2 happening and is LeBron in it? We know Warner Bros has renewed the trademarks related to the franchise and James has reportedly signed a contract with the studio. So what does he have to say about it.

We learned a few other things about James during his Q&A.

1. He’s apparently pretty terrified of Rhonda Rousey:

2. He’s got a tight-knit group of NBA friends:

3. He still knows how to silence the haters:

Let’s hear some more about this Space Jam 2 deal already!