It happens at every sporting event, fans heckling athletes claiming they could do a better job than they are doing. It has become somewhat a tradition in sports.

The Ryder Cup is known for being a rowdy crowd during the international event. But when one fan heckled the European team, he had his opportunity to put his money where his mouth was. And it paid off, literally.


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Normally, a golfer would deal with a heckler by just ignoring them or by asking to have them removed. Not Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan, they took multiple attempts at a 12-foot putt on the 8th green, missing over 8 times. Step in David Johnson, the heckler. The Mayville, North Dakota native let the Golf superstars know that he could make the putt, easily.

Henrik Stenson, who is also a member of the European team, pulled the heckler Johnson from the crowd and superstar Justin Rose, laid a $100 bill right next to the ball for a nice incentive, daring Johnson to make it.


Johnson didn’t seem to shy away from the limelight of being on the same green as golf’s biggest superstars. He was handed a putter from one of the caddies and immediately criticised the choice of the putter. Johnson then muttered, “home soil, right?” What happened next is straight out of Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore.

Without missing a beat, Johnson sunk the 12-foot putt, resulting in the crowd letting out a deafening roar. Johnson pumped his arms wildly and earned high fives from the entire Euro foursome as they exited the green.


McIlroy made light of the situation by tweeting, “Has the Ryder Cup started already?”  But it was Johnson who had the time of his life out there. He told the media afterwards that he blacked out from excitement, exclaiming “Man, that was fun! What just happened?”