On Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers played the San Francisco Giants. All was going well until a group of spectators rushed onto the field in the fourth inning.

The group carried white flowers, and broadcasters originally thought that it was just crazed fans. That was until a YouTube group called “Direct Action Everywhere” claimed responsibility for the stunt. The reason they did it may surprise you.


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One of the men that rushed onto the field took to YouTube after to explain his reasoning for the stunt. The unnamed man explained in the video that he carried ten white flowers, “each one representing one billion animals that were tortured and murdered in the United States.”

He stated that corporations weren’t doing anything, and the governments weren’t doing anything either to fix animal abuse in the United States. The activist added, “Sometimes you have to take non-violent direct action.”

Security was hot on the trail of the disrupters when one player for the San Francisco Giants had enough of the antics on the field. Left-fielder Angel Pagan decided to take matters into his own hands, so he could get to the rest of the game.


Pagan made sure if he got his hands on one of the unruly fans, they would not be getting away. He got his wish. As security pushed the fans towards the outfield, Pagan was in perfect position to strike.


The outfielder picked the fan up and slammed him to the ground which resulted in a deafening roar from the restless crowd. Pagan proceeded to hold the fan down for security to escort him off the field, and to his overnight jail stay. Another fan — a female — was taken down by security in the right field.

Pagan described what happened: “I was just trying to protect myself and protect my teammates,” he said. “The guy was getting closer to my teammates. I guess it was very explosive. Us athletes, we’ve got that kind of strength. … It worked.”

Pagan’s teammate, first baseman Brandon Belt, weighed in on the takedown saying: “Angel’s tackle of the guy was one of my top moments in baseball history. That was pretty funny.”

Moral of the story, if you run onto a Major League field and push your agenda on people, you’re going to have a bad time.