Connor Brewer is in every sense of the word a patriotic American. Brewer is devoted to his country and his flag and showed what it means to be American.

When his entire football team decided to protest the national anthem by staying in the locker room while it played, Brewer had a decision to make. Should he be with his team or stand for his country? He chose the option that he knew in his heart was right and stood alone on the sideline.


On Sept. 24 several football players from Brewers team took a page from Kaepernick by sitting during the anthem. It was met by intense backlash from the community and forced the players to “forge a new path.”


The team wrote in a message that was published in the Herald-Review stating, “Rather than have our message be misunderstood or misconstrued, we are united in our decision to stay in the locker room until kickoff during which time we will engage in a moment of reflection to personally recognize the sacrifice of so many and renew our commitment to living up to those most important words: ‘with liberty and justice for all.’”


The team decided to hide in the their “safe space” the locker room, instead of showing a little respect for the country whose soil they’re playing on.


Patrick White, the college president, tried to save face by adding, “We all need to listen to voices and opinions different from our own and listen with our hearts and minds awake to difference.” White and the football team are going to certainly hear a lot of voices and opinions from Americans that differ on this issue.


Back to Brewer. What did Connor have to say about his stand alone out on the field? Nothing. He declined to be interviewed out of respect of his coaches and fellow players.

Oct. 16th may have just been another day for the masses in the United States, but that would be a shame. For it was the day that Connor Brewer stood alone and didn’t succumb to the peer pressure of his team or the anti-American movement that has swept the nation.