The Most Powerful Sci Fi Weapons Ranked. The Death Star is NOT #1.

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Have you ever gotten into a heated discussion about which gun had more stopping power, or why we aren’t working harder to perfect real life light-saber technologies? Well here’s one of those lists that will help you settle a bet down at you local watering hole, or win that debate with your know-it-all ten year old. And, the best part, is it is all scientifical.
The Top Sci-Fi Weapons, Created By Fat Wallet, is an incredibly detailed list of some of the most serious (and not so serious) sci-fi weapons. And they’ve thrown in some modern weapons, too, just for points of comparison.

sci fi weapons6

Halo fans will be happy to know that their beloved energy swords rank just higher than a shotgun design from the 19 century. That doesn’t speak all that highly of either, though, as both are down on the low end of the energy count–right next to the bone. For those of you who haven’t seen 2001, or who weren’t around for this evolutionary milestone, the bone represents one of the first weapons, and is symbolic of our desire to find more effective ways to beat each other to death.

sci fi weapons5

The next section contains some unexpected gems, including the fireball from Mario Brothers and an ACME stick of dynamite. Coyote can hold his head high. But Eve from Wall-E? Who knew she was such an ass kicker?

sci fi weapons4

Star Wars fans now have some great pretend numbers to go along with their pretend weapons. The DL-44 Blastech Blaster, Han’s sidearm of choice, ranks reasonably high. That doesn’t matter so much if, like Han, you shoot first. But why take chances?

And the Jedi aren’t far behind. Lucas’s lightsaber, which is great for cutting, is also capable of deflecting lasers. But it bugs me that lasers move so damn slowly in the Star Wars Universe. Clearly the laws of physics don’t apply.

sci fi weapons3

This next section brings in some actual historical weapons. These are the early atomic variety, and we have some real data on their performance. Knowing what we know, the rest of this list becomes really terrifying.

And then you have the maid. From Space Balls.

sci fi weapons2

In the end, we get a real surprise. While so many of the weapons on this list are from movies that really glorify the violence, the last on the list is from Sci-Fi’s great pacifist. Not that The Doctor has always been averse to fighting, but he seems to spend eternity trying to prevent it. Odd that the most powerful weapon is the one at his disposal.