This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain During an Impact. Any Questions? [VIDEO]

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The University of California’s research Tumblr page has posted a bit of concussion research that has people cringing in fear of what damage they’ve done.

Showing a substance with the same consistency as brain tissue rattling around in a skull as it’s struck, it is a stark demonstration of how concussions occur. From UC Research:

This is your brain experiencing a concussion

It may look like this model brain is made of Jell-O, but it’s the same consistency as a real brain.

As Dr. Christopher Giza from UCLA demonstrates, the brain is made of soft tissue and floats in fluid inside of the skull. When the skull moves quickly, the brain can jostle around a lot, which can lead to neurological symptoms.

“Most concussions are recoverable,” Giza said.

Here it is with sound: