Mythbuster Adam Savage Talks About the Myth That Got Away. And It’s Hilarious.

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Adam Savage

After 14 seasons of testing some of the craziest myths around, you would think there’s nothing Mythbusters’ Adam Savage has left to test.

But there’s the one that got away. When asked about what myths he still wants to test, Adam gets animated and talks about pumpkins, ducks, and cameras.

“It’s an American-Indian hunting myth that if you wanted to hunt ducks, you float pumpkins out onto a pond that ducks frequent. Then when you were hungry for ducks, you would pumpkin on your head with a couple of eye holes carved out and they wouldn’t even flinch as you walked up to them and just, WOOP, pull them right under the surface.

“I wasn’t, on the show, going to yank a duck like that. But I was going to reach out and catch a duck. And I really wanted to!”

MythBusters' Adam Savage reveals the myth he most regrets not busting.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

To be perfectly honest… that would have been an awesome episode to watch.