How Fallout 4 F*cks Up Laser Weapons. An Epic Rant. [VIDEO]

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There’s a serious problem with laser weapons in Fallout 4, and Bethesda made it worse by making everything else so good.

As YouTuber Shoodycast explains in the video, the lore for energy weapons is pretty standard:

“Laser weapons, like the AER-9 laser rifle, have internal capacitors and wave particle diverters, blah blah blah jargon and are powered by something. in most cases, micro fusion cells.

“They draw energy and use an array of polished focusing crystal into a single focused beam, that’s red for some reason. Whatever.”

Despite the already shoddy science behind the color of the beam, he does credit the game devs with the thought they clearly put into energy weapons – laser weapons impact faster than ballistic weapons and laser weapons don’t send items skittering across tables or the ground like ballistic weapons do.

But those same kudos are a downside because it’s clear the development team thought through the impact of light as a weapon and then… ADDED RECOIL.

To a weapon with no moving parts whatsoever.