Yeah, science! Nothing says science quite like blowing something up or shooting something at a high rate a speed through inanimate objects, the latter of which was done by The Backyard Scientist. He took inspiration from Mythbusters for the experiment, as it was his favorite one done on the popular show. What ensues next is pure, messy fun.


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The experiment starts off with a basic premise, launch a toy car into fruit and meat to see what would happen. Who would succumb to the velocity? The makeshift kitchen knife or the various food items? Well, that will be determined later, but you could take an educated guess.

The kitchen knife would be powered by sugar rockets and be aligned on a track sprayed with graphite lubricant so it could obliterate things while zooming down at 150MPH. And boy did it!


But before the main event, they did a test run to see if it could cut through something cheaply made, like a toy car. They lined up the knife to reach its collision course with the plastic toy truck and blast off! The knife soared down the railing and in the blink of an eye, the car was cut in half.


The Backyard Scientist was giddy with excitement after the test run worked so well. But, as any scientist can attest, once it works, you want to immediately take it to the max and go all out. They did exactly that.


The main event of the Youtube video would consist of a row of various fruits. The line goes in order of cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pineapples and a watermelon to top it off. If you know anything about a fruit trying to stop a knife you can imagine it was a bad day to be the fruits and vegetables. Fruit Ninja would be proud.


And just to put into perspective what it is like to go 0-100 MPH in .3 seconds, they attached a GoPro to the railing and launched it. Needless to say, you would die if a person actually did this, but it does show how amazing science can be.