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BALLSY: Inventor Gets Shot in the Nuts… for Science [VIDEO]

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Would you get shot in the nuts for science?

That’s exactly what Jeremiah Raber, CEO of Nutshellz, did to prove how tough his new groin protector really is.

Using a .22 caliber rifle and hoping like hell that the shooter didn’t miss, Raber drops trou, exposing a cup with a prominent x marking the target and just had to stand there.

In the interest of safety, Raber is wearing extra Kevlar around the femoral arteries in his thighs and on his lower stomach, just in case the bullet deflected. But it was a clean shot, and Raber says it was way more gentle than he thought.

“I expected it to at least feel like a baseball, and really it was like a tap,” he says. “I was good.”

Is there any chance in hell you’d do this test?

It wasn’t a totally random test because Nutshellz has done quite a few tests of their product standing up to gunfire before, including a .357 Magnum and a .45 caliber handgun:

Discovery channel did a more comprehensive look at the product recently: