Dog Keeps Girl Safe In Siberian Woods for Almost Two Weeks! [VIDEO]

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In July 2014, four year old Karina Chikitova wandered in to a Siberian forest and quickly got lost. Luckily, she wasn’t alone. Kyrachaan, remained at her side. Like a loyal dog out of a fairy tale, Kyrachaan drove off bears and wolves and kept Karina warm at night.


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While out in the woods, Karina managed to survive on fresh forest berries and water. For almost two weeks she was out with her dog friend in the Siberian wilderness. It was a combination of a parents worst nightmare and a child’s dream of living with an animal friend in the woods.

Back at home, Karina’s grandmother thought she joined her father in a remote village where he had gone to find work. After discovering she wasn’t there, Karina’s grandmother alerted the authorities, and gathered over a hundred people to search the forest. But there was no sign of her.

Over a week passed with no sign of little Karin and panic started setting. Then Kyrachaan returned to the villages. Rescuers at first assumed he was alone and the little girl had died, as nothing else would lead the devoted dog away from his friend.


But they quickly realized he was just leading them toward her.

A week and a half after she got lost, Karina was found hiding in a bed of tall grass four miles from home. While she was weak and malnourished, Karina’s only injuries were bug bites and scratches. Her loyal companion had kept her safe from anything else.


The village has since dubbed Karina ‘Mowgli’, after the star of Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’, who lives in and survives the wilderness, despite the numerous predators. A statue called ‘Girl with Dog’ has already been unveiled at Yakutsk Airport as a tribute to the little girl and her amazing dog.