Watch Country Star Luke Bryant Get the Scare of His Life Thanks to the Buck Commander Crew!

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Country music star Luke Bryant got the scare of his life during a recent hunting trip with the guys from Buck Commander.

Bryant and fellow star Jason Aldean feature in a series of hunting videos for the brand and cameraman Bo Dottely decided to have a little fun with his famous friends – by putting a rat inside Bryant’s backpack.

Yup, a real live rat. And the reaction on the country star’s face is priceless.

“There’s a friggin’ rat in this bag,” Bryan yells. “A friggin’ sewer rat!”

Thankfully for our sake, Bryant decides to try to make friends with the rat, who quickly proceeds to scamper up his arm and crawl all along his back.


But then Robert the Rat decides he’s had enough and takes a bit out of Bryant’s middle finger.


“I’m fixin’ to have Stage 3 Rabies,” Bryant says.