Whoopi Goldberg’s Response to Tiffany Trump Being Shunned at New York Fashion Week is What the Media Needs to Hear

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Tiffany Trump has managed to steer clear of most of the Trump family controversy since the election. Yet she made news this week when media outlets picked up a story about her attending New York Fashion Week. It seemed that no one wanted to bee seen sitting next to her.

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Surprisingly, and in a generous extension of good will, Whoopi Goldberg offered to sit next to her. Goldberg, who has been an outspoken critic of Tiffany’s father, has stepped up and made what many see as a civil gesture befitting Goldberg’s role-model reputation.

On “The View,” Wednesday, Goldberg expressed her anger at Fashion Week editors and attendees who had shunned Tiffany.

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“Tiffany, I’m coming to sit with you, because nobody’s talking politics,” Goldberg said. “You’re looking at fashion. She doesn’t want to talk about her dad.”

“I just thought it was mean,” Goldberg added. “I don’t want to talk about your dad, but girl, I will sit next to you because I’ve been there, where people say we’re not going to sit next you. I’ll find your ass and sit next to you.”

Tiffany immediately accepted the odd invite.

“Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg I’d love to sit with you too!” she wrote.

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All of this came in response to an announcement earlier this week that Tiffany Trump would be in attendance at the show. Many, fearing the bad publicity that they assumed would come from their proximity to anyone related to the president, tried to find new seats.

And the social media outbursts about the effort to find new seats was predictably rude.

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“Seating shitshow at Philipp Plein because no editors want to sit near Tiffany Trump,” wrote Fashionista.com editor Alyssa Vingan Klein. “SHOCKER.”

Christina Binkley who used to write for the Wall Street Journal, seemed to take a perverse joy in sharing a photo of empty seats next to Trump.

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“Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump at Philipp Plein, so they moved and the seats by her are empty,” she wrote.

“I’m not a politician… ,” said designer Philipp Plein, whose clothing was being featured in the show, told TMZ. “I just don’t think it’s right to judge or treat someone not with respect because she or he is the daughter or son of somebody people don’t like,” the designer said. “I think that’s so bad.”