Donald Trump has called for Hillary Clinton to immediately shut down her controversial charitable  foundation. Leaked emails have recently come to light that reveal Hillary was asked to perform personal favors for some countries, and in some instances, may have complied with these requests while she was Secretary of State.


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In one email, a Clinton Foundation executive, Doug Band, writes to Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, requesting a meeting between Clinton and the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, who donated $32 million to a scholarship program he launched through the Clinton Global Initiative. Band also asked that the meeting be through “normal channels.”


This request for “normal channels” seems to imply that the foundation realized that Clinton’s meeting with the Crown Prince as Secretary of State would create a conflict of interest. The Clinton campaign has since claimed that the meeting happened through “official channels.” Last week Clinton said that she will not take money from foreign corporations if elected President.


Surprisingly, The Huffington Post and the NY Times agrees with Trump on this matter. Both news outlets believe that the Clinton’s should dismantle their nonprofit organization if Clinton becomes President. Tom Fitton, the president of the watchdog group, Judicial Watch, feels that the damage has already been done. “The conflicts of interest are cast in stone, and it is something that the Clinton administration is going to have to grapple with,” Mr. Fitton said. “It will cast a shadow over their policies.”


Donald Trump said, “Well, No. 1, they should shut it down. And No. 2, they should give the money back to a lot of countries we shouldn’t be taking — and they shouldn’t be taking money from,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning.

“Countries that influenced her totally and also countries that discriminated against women and gays and everybody else. I mean, that money should be given back. They should not take that money,” the GOP nominee continued.


The State Department has reported that it is reviewing more than 14,000 new Clinton emails from her time as Secretary of State and hopes to release these to the public by mid-October. The department has already released about 30,000 emails.